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Greensboro Executive and Life Coach - Mack Arrington, PCC

Finding your Happy Place is harder than you think—things keep shifting. It's amazing how many people live in default mode and leave important life factors to chance. I want for you to design the life you want and choose, not chance.

Coaching to Win Your Game of Life

It’s one thing to coach a sport where we know the rules and what the ball looks like. It’s another thing to coach you on winning your own game of life where I have to figure out what your personal rules are and how you want to play your game.

Because it usually takes 6-18 months for new habits to become supported and lasting, I recommend an initial six months of coaching. Coaching is usually by phone for three sessions per month and all levels include e-mail support and "check-in" calls when needed.
Leadership: three 60-minute sessions per month
Executive: three 45-minute sessions per month
Personal: three 30-minute sessions per month

I conveniently accept VISA, Master Card or Discover. 

Download my Welcome Pak as a PDF file here or email me for your free coaching startup info and playsheets.

Cost vs. Value

For those who have never hired a professional coach before, often the first question I get is about cost—and not about the value of having a coach to help you get something you truly want out of life. Chances are pretty good that you've already paid the cost of not having the life or career you want. I am looking for clients who want to improve, who are ready and willing to make changes, who will inspire the coach and who will find value in the coaching process that they will take into the rest of their life's adventure. If you are someone who truly wants professional coaching and you don't feel you can afford it, I offer to coach one person per month at a reduced fee for up to three months. Ask about getting on my list if you need to do so. 

Who Are You? Assessments and Personality Testing

I offer proven testing for unlocking the puzzles of life such as what you require for happiness and fulfillment, how you fit into relationships, and for many talents and skills that are hidden beneath your surface. Testing for business purposes includes recruiting, training, team building, conflict resolution and certification for you to administer the assessments to others.

No obligation personal coach consultation with Mack Arrington - Greensboro personal coach

Greensboro Executive and Life Coach – Mack Arrington, PCC

She Made the Jump!

I utilized Mack’s talents when I was making a very big work transition, basically jumping off the entrepreneurial cliff to start my own business. Mack was instrumental in helping me manage my time and priorities, he kept me focused, and helped me negotiate my exit with an intimidating boss. In the end, I won on all accounts, thanks to Mack’s vision and expertise. I have kept all of his planning materials and refer to them often when I need to hash out a difficult situation. Mack put me on a well bricked path

Jana Platina Phipps,
Owner, Home Couture Collective

Workshops and Presentations

Workshops are aimed at making immediate change, presentations provide information for later change.

Taking Control of Your Career and Your Life - How do you build a bridge from where you live now to where you want to be? Getting clear about who you are and what you require brings clarity on what you want and how you want it at a deeper level of your life.

Understanding the Unsanity of the Entrepreneur - What are the characteristics of the True Entrepreneur, who are they, how can we understand and support the craziness that is a natural part of them?

Sales Management - How to develop a champion sales team—and keep them.

Building Your Referral Team - Who do you need on your referral team for your business and your career? Create your inner circle of advisers, your back office buddies and your front line referral group. How do you find them, and what do you teach them so they can help you?

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