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Conflict Resolution Coach Greensboro


Mack Arrington, a Conflict Resolution Coach in Greensboro, Conflict Resolution Coaching in Greensboro, Greensboro Conflict CoachingWhat is a conflict resolution coach? A conflict resolution coach is someone who helps individuals or small numbers of individuals learn effective and creative ways of resolving conflict, whether that conflict occurs on the job, at home, within the family and elsewhere. All of us like to avoid conflict: That's not always possible but the alternative could create a great deal of resentment. Simmering resentment and growing anger results in volatility: Communication breaks down, relationships suffer and productivity takes a nose dive.


A conflict resolution coach can help you, your colleagues, loved ones, even employees get to the root of the conflict and get it resolved. Better yet, a conflict resolution coach provides you with conflict resolution skills that you can take with you into any situation. Whether the conflict occurs at work between employees, or between employee and management; between spouses (and former spouses) or parent and child, conflict resolution coaching can help improve your business leadership skills, deepen your personal and family relationships, and help you realize interpersonal joy and contentment. Imagine being able to use what you learn about yourself to face and resolve conflict in your daily life, no matter where you are.


Why do you need a conflict resolution coach? Mack Arrington, a certified conflict resolution coach in Greensboro, is more than just a mediator. Mack helps you see the best in yourself and how to use that to your own advantage. It can take time to learn new habits however, and Mack is ready to coach you into healthy habits that will help you be happier, more satisfied and much healthier.


For conflict resolution coaching in Greensboro, contact Mack Arrington to change, improve or handle something.


Conflict Resolution Coaching Greensboro - Greensboro Conflict Coaching

I utilized Mack’s talents when I was making a very big work transition, basically jumping off the entrepreneurial cliff to start my own business. Mack was instrumental in helping me manage my time and priorities, he kept me focused, and helped me negotiate my exit with an intimidating boss. In the end, I won on all accounts, thanks to Mack’s vision and expertise. I have kept all of his planning materials and refer to them often when I need to hash out a difficult situation. Mack put me on a well bricked path

Jana Platina Phipps,
Owner, Home Couture Collective

Who Are You?

A "Whole Person Assessment" offers great insights for your success in life —for yourself, your team and your family.

PIAV Assessment - Business Coaching tool

The graph above from the PIAV assessment indicates your primary values that drive your life. You must satisfy your top two values to be happy and fulfilled. Do you know what yours are?

DISC assessment - Business Coaching tool

A DISC assessment indicates your behavioral and communication style —very helpful to improve relationships and understand other people as well as yourself.

PTSI - Business Coaching tool

The PTSI indicates what you will or will not do based on talents you have or have not developed in yourself. This indicates your strengths, motivators and success factors as well as areas you might need to develop to improve.

Success Insights Wheel™ - Business Coaching tool

The Success Insights Wheel™ allows you to see on one graph how your whole team fits together and how their differences contribute to the success or difficulties of their team.

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