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Why Having a Coach Is Important to You Today

Most people want to find their “happy place” where you have a sense of success and fulfillment in your life. Relationship Coaching works in two prime areas of (1) change and (2) trust needed for your success and fulfillment.

Change. The human brain is an amazing thing, it often interprets change as pain. This is one reason why your old habits are a pain to break and your new ones are a pain to start. Also, change can be very risky. Change can cost you time, money, relationships and even the life you want to create for yourself. I help you figure out what to keep, what to change, and how to make all the pieces work to so your life is fulfilling and your dreams come true. I can even help make some significant changes fun.

Trust. Why do you need a coach? Because a coach gives you perspective on what you are doing and how you come across, and because people are never good at seeing themselves as others see them. Everyone in your life has a bias for what they want you to be, do, or have—so who’s bias can you trust? My bias is for you to define and reach your success on your own terms.

Introduction to Coach Mack - Greensboro Executive and Life Coach

It’s no mystery why Coach Mack has coached so many clients from diverse backgrounds since starting business in 2001. He can help you solve problems, answer questions, think better, increase sales, find the perfect job or business, improve your leadership, improve your relationships, hire the right people, save your career, get organized, stop wasting time and resources, focus on what really matters, and bring more balance into your life at work and at home.

Since 2009 he has been a faculty member of CoachU, a globally recognized and accredited organization for training professional coaches.

His many credentials for coaching include:
• Professional Certified Coach (PCC), 2007, International Coach Federation (ICF)
• Coach University (CoachU) Certified Graduate (CUCG), 2007
• Certified Network Professional (CNP), Business Network International (BNI), 2002
• Qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), 2001
• Graduate M. A. Degree in Interpersonal Communication, 1982
• Undergraduate B.A. in Psychology, 1979

Coach Mack is an accomplished Toastmaster (DTM) and is recognized as a professional presenter and entertainer.

Why I should hire Coach Mack

Coach Mack understands what it’s like to ambush your own success. Would you benefit from having an experienced partner to:
Evaluate your situation?
Explore your options?
Choose your best options?
Plan your path of success?
Get going?
Don’t you deserve a professional coach in your corner?

“I used to think that outside assistance in my work indicated personal weakness. I now know that without a coach I frequently operated well below peak efficiency. Mack is great at setting goals and helping me see and overcome obstacles to my success. I recommend him highly as a coach.”
Fred Alexander, National Sales Director, Protective Life, Retired

Contact Coach Mack for a no obligation consultation today: Call 336-856-1600. 

I am so grateful for where I find myself. I struggle with change and I have had my share of it in the past year. I appreciate your support so much. If I didn't know you were in my corner I would not have the courage to keep going. But you are there so I keep walking towards the goal. Most people can only dream of having a life like mine.

Stephanie Thomas,
Owner - A Shade of Art

Achieved 109 of 127 Goals

The true story of John Goddard is one of my favorites. It points out that when you write something down, it takes on a different reality.

At age 15 (around 1940), John Goddard wrote down 127 goals he wanted to achieve in his life. On his web site you will see that he has accomplished 109 things from his original list.

I heard an update on Mr. Goddard, and the speaker said that as of 2002, Mr. Goddard extended his list to over 600 goals and he has achieved over 500 of them --he even got sponsorships to pay for some of them, like being the first person to kayak down the Amazon River...

You are 37% more likely to do something if you write it down. --Yes, I am recommending that if you really want to get it done, write it down.

So, where's your latest list??
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The Candy Store Principle

Once upon a time, a candy store owner noticed that one of his clerks was much more popular than the rest. People would often wait for this girl to help them, even when another clerk was available. Yet he could not see what was different, so he asked her if she knew what she did.

"Yes, I do," was her reply. "The other girls start by putting a lot of candy on the scale and then they keep taking it away until they get the right weight, and it makes people feel like they are not getting enough candy. I always start with a little and keep adding to is so the customers always feel like they are getting more."


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